2017-2018 Staff

Najeria Wright


Najeria Wright is a sophomore at Milford Mill Academy. She was a former member of the Milford Mill Concert Chorale, and is a current member of the newspaper. Najera’s favorite subject is Creative Writing as she loves to write...

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Khalil Chester


Khalil Chester lives in Baltimore County and attends Milford mill academy. He went to feather bed lane elementary school and old court middle school. He has had type 1 diabetes from a young age.  In his future career, he wants...

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Shaelyn Williams


Shaelyn Williams is a junior attending Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born on July 5th, 2001, and hopes to become a plastic surgeon after graduation. She is a diligent member of the National Honor’s Society an...

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Roberto Vivas


Roberto Vivas is a junior at Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born in Spain and his parents moved to the U.S due to his father being in the army. He has three siblings: Victoria, Jocelyn and Samuel. He enjoys...

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Xela Wooten


Xela Wooten is an actress, model, and computer programmer at Milford Mill Academy. As an actress, Xela goes through extensive repetition and practice to obtain a role.  She creates computer games as a programmer, and practices...

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