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My ex and I have been on and off for a while and I honestly want to let him go but I love him and can’t forget him. How do I stop loving him?

Cut him off. It’s not healthy to continue the relationship when you both are obviously not ready for a committed relationship with one another. Just take some time and space for yourselves. You’re not going to stop loving him—he’s your first love. You all may meet up in the future and be able to be with one another… you never know. It just seems like now isn’t the right time for you both.
Answer 2. Give him space and stop giving him attention until he realizes that he lost so much by losing you so until you feel that he has really changed don’t go back to him.


What would you do if your best friend who is gay likes you, and you are not gay but you don’t want to beak their heart?

Tell her straight what you want for yourself and the both of you. If she really loves you she will understand you and back off. If she don’t comply with you, then give her space for her to know you are serious with your decision.


I’m in a relationship with my girlfriend it’s all normal but it seems she’s more interested in her friends. What should I do?

Show her more affection, let her know she means the world to you, believe her and prove your love for her to no doubt. Be supportive and get rid of jealousy trust me it kills relationship!

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