Boys basketball signing ceremony interview

Khalil Chester

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In case you are not aware but the Basketball signing ceremony took place on may 24, 2018 on Thursday. i had a talk with the three graduates before the ceremony started Jeremiah Simmons, Jordan Goodwin, Ahmed Milton.  Lets start off with Ahmed Milton. “What are your goals after high school besides basketball”. i plan on business management, so i can follow in my fathers footsteps “said Ahmed.  “Have any tips for future players”. ” First you should work on your grades , and stay in tn the gym said Ahmed. ” What is your Favorite basketball player”. “Russel Westbrook”said Ahmed. Any friends/ teachers you want to give shoutouts to? “Ms. Joseph because she plays as the mother in Milford mill” said Ahmed. Next person on the list is Jeremiah Goodwin. “Jeremiah what are your goals after high school besides basketball”. “I plan to make Six figures [$100,000]” said Jeremiah . “Who is your favorite basketball player”. “My favorite basketball player is Kyrie Irvin because he plays fast and slow, and i play just like Kyrie Irvin said Jeremiah. “I like Coach green because he pushed me to were i am today” said Jeremiah. “Any tips for future basketball players”. “Don’t take it for grant it, and work really hard”said Jeremiah. I am sorry but i forgot to do Jordan Goodwin because when the ceremony started i was really intrigued on what ms Joseph said. During the course of the Ceremony Ms. Joseph mentions  to the basketball players. if any trouble happens to them while they are in college they can return home. Ms. Joseph then pursues to tell everyone to give back to their community/ family. Now i just had a conversation with coach green on a few interesting topics. “Why do you coach basketball”. ” I coach basketball because it is good to see people come up with a plan and set it in motion and outsmart the other team”said Coach green. ” Do you have any other goals besides coaching basketball”. “I plan to coach Golf”. ” Why do you want to coach Golf”. “I want to coach golf because i have a 18 month son coming and he loves golf” said coach green. “should we give back to the community”. ” Yes because there can be people out there you know and you will appreciate them, to the point where we can give back to the community”. “Like Coach White he lives right across the street and he gives back to the community by coaching basketball”said coach green. This is probably one of my favorite interviews because everyone shows that they really care about the Milford students and are willing to help.

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Khalil Chester, Writer

Khalil Chester lives in Baltimore County and attends Milford mill academy. He went to feather bed lane elementary school and old court middle school. He...

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Boys basketball signing ceremony interview