A Letter to Females

Shaelyn Williams, Staff Writer

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As a female it’s important that you know your worth and add tax, never settle for less. If your being mistreated by anyone whether mentally, physically, emotionally, whatever, let them go. You don’t need anyone. You may get caught up in the idea of being in a relationship but I promise if you put this fantasy on hold and improve and focus on yourself you’ll be sure to grow and develop into a beautiful young women. One no one will want to lose. Always put yourself first.

A relationship is defined as an “emotional and sexual association between two people”. It seems to me thing generation lacks the emotional part of a relationship. As a female we often make ourselves too available to guys, we have to stop answering every call, stop replying to every text the moment we hear our phones ring, stop letting him come see us whenever he pleases. By being so available we allow guys to get too comfortable, they start to think they can do as they please with the satisfaction that we will always be around. I say “we” because I’ve been there too, I know.

“we know the way your stomach drops at the thought of him loving someone better so he knows you won’t search for better and I know you deserve better” – Reyna Bitty

You cannot blame yourself for the way anyone acts towards you, people dress up bad intentions accordingly. They use persuasive words to get what they want and we may often fall for them. We seem to hold onto someone who has already let go, we deserve better than to be second pick when we put them first. It’s okay to have little “phone buddies” but make sure that’s all they are until you feel you’re truly ready to let someone in or you feel their intentions are as pure as yours. Pay close attention with your eyes and not your ears, people can say a lot but the real question is can they do it?

Focusing on yourself is always a win, there is no harm in that, no distractions. Just you. Always find ways to be a better you, whether mentally, physically, spiritually whatever it is just be a better you. Of course we hope for the best because we want love and the thought of someone loving us is amazing. We have to keep in mind that we are still very young and we have a lifetime for this “love and affection” we seem to live for.

“You don’t find your worth in a man. You find your worth within yourself and then find a man who’s worthy of you. Remember that” – Miracle

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A Letter to Females