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The hash tag MarchForOurLives is a big deal to me, although to a certain degree its not that important to me at this moment. A few weeks ago there was a National walk out day being held. My English teacher Mrs. Gorman decided that she would lead the walk out along with another teacher Ms. Bateman. I had planned not to participate in walk out that was going to be held. Hearing about the young students dying was extremely sad to me but there was not a walk out for the many black men and woman who have been killed due to gun violence. Black people always step out and find ways to support other people’s causes, yet that is not the case for everyone else. I did not like the fact of Mrs. Gorman leading the walk out, only because I didn’t ever see her wanting to walk out in honor of the black lives that were killed. Now that the white kids were getting killed, gun violence is all of a sudden such a big problem but has always been a problem for our people for years. I also don’t like that if some white boy decides that one day he wants to shoot up a school and kill innocent kids, the media quickly states that he must have had mental issues and needs to be treated for it but if that were a black man now he is assumed to be a “thug” or “criminal”. I reuse to walk out with others and support their problems if they do not return the favor. I am tired of our black men and woman being killed and their families have to deal with the pain and not get the justice they deserve. The police has gotten away with a lot of gun violence towards black men and woman but yet they are never charged with their crime. The evidence could be presented clearly, showing that they are guilty but doesn’t seem to really matter if it is a white cop and a black man. Somehow at the end of all of it the so called “fault” will return back on the black men or women.

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