Donald Glover music video this is america meaning revealed

khalil chester

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Rapper and actor known as childish Gambino has quite the weekend. The actor has lead role in the show called Atlanta and playing a role in the star wars movie solo a Star wars story. The r&b artist has made a Grammy this year on his song “Redbone” and he made two new songs called saturday and this is america. The music video takes place in a warehouse. However it is what happens in the background that is interesting. The music video tackles a topic that is talked about since the parkland shooting. what happens in the background is that murders occur. The imagery is interesting and sparked alot of conversation, such as police brutality. What also makes this music video very interesting and that is the dancing bino and the other actors. The dancing comes from Jim crow style. What fans also seem to miss out in the music video is bino’s outfit choice. His look is inspired by the late Fela Kuti. One of the most disturbing scenes that happened in the  video is when a black choir is shot by a assault rifle. This coould be a possible reference refering to the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, were a white gunman kill nine black churchgoers. Also one more thing viewers didn’t miss but is overlooking is Sza, except her hairstyle is a reference to statue of liberty’s crown.

opinion: Before i get to telling my opinion i want say i want to do something entirely different and take a break from talking about Donald trump or politics in general. i personally love listening to donald glovers music compare to the other rappers like j Cole, and Kendrick lamar. and for him to take the time and make a music video with my favorite singer sza this is really one of the deepest songs Childish Gambino made.

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Donald Glover music video this is america meaning revealed