Quarter Pounder.. With Cheese?

Najeria Wright, Staff Writer

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Cynthia Kissner and Leonard Werner went to a McDonald’s in their hometown, Florida. The two were displeased with what they received. Due to Leonard’s need to lose weight, he decided that he wanted his Quarter Pounder with cheese, without cheese. Don’t you think McDonald’s is a bad place to be for somebody that is trying to lose weight anyway? The employees at McDonald’s charged him the regular price for a Quarter Pounder with cheese which is 4.79 but also put cheese on his sandwich. Cynthia and Leonard are now suing McDonald’s for putting cheese on their Quarter Pounder with cheese.

The explanation to why they are suing is the simple fact that McDonald’s charged them the same amount for a Quarter Pounder with cheese even when they did not want cheese. The price for the burger is an all the way around price. McDonald’s menu lets you make whatever changes you want to your burger but the price still remains the same. Leonard THOUGHT he was doing something by purchasing the burger and then demanding no cheese and a price change. How Leonard how?

Leonard’s lawyer, Andrew Lavin, claims that Leonard was injured because he was overcharged for cheese that he didn’t order. We live in a world now that has burgers harming people. Lavin also claimed that McDonald’s violated the anti-trust laws by not telling customers the the QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE comes with cheese. I think this is the L of the year for Leonard, Cynthia, and Andrew. Try again next year guys.

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Najeria Wright, Writer

Najeria Wright is a sophomore at Milford Mill Academy. She was a former member of the Milford Mill Concert Chorale, and is a current member of the newspaper....

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Quarter Pounder.. With Cheese?