Kate and William can afford 3 kids, many Brits cannot

Lola Ekwalla

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Kate and William had their 3rd child and raising 3 kids in the UK is very much expensive, but to the royal couples, earning power and money isn’t a problem. Raising one child in the United Kingdom to the age of 21 costs about 232,000 euros ($323,000). A London based family with 3 kids cost more than $ 1 million, if you don’t include private school or university fees. United Kingdom income for a working household is just 29,300 ($140,100) per year.

Earning power isn’t a problem to Kate and Prince William. They receive millions from Prince Charles to cover their official duties, house and enjoy London. British women are having fewer children than past generations because of higher costs for coupled, expensive housing and less state support large families.

Higher costs: CEBR research from 2014 found that 21% of parents said they were delaying having another child due to rising cost of raising a child.

Expensive housing: rising cost of housing is adding to the pressure and millennials today spend more of their income in housing than previous generations did at the same age.

Less state support large families: Since 2017, government credits to poorer families with 3 or more children have been trimmed.

Having kids can be very expensive but if you have money then it isn’t a problem.

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Kate and William can afford 3 kids, many Brits cannot