Macron hopes trump’s relationship can help make France great again

khalil chester

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In today’s topic on Milford news we are going to continue to talk about politic and especially our president Donald trump. Donald trump is about to make a important deal and make a alliance with french president macron. Donald trump is also hoping his relationship make  U.S.A a better country. However this task will not be easy, In order for trump to stay on french president macron good side. Trump must tear a Iran deal within early next month. Also he needs to give European union a permanent waiver from U.S tariffs for steel and aluminum. What makes this relationship more interesting is that president macron makes very good points when he was talking to Donald trump.  Such as Donald trump needs to make more friends then enemies in order for U.S.A to stay a thriving country. Also french president macron talks about how the U.S.A has been staying isolate ever since Donald trump came into the office. However the relationship isn’t as good like a full box of chocolates. Macron made a case that trump should be supporting Iran nuclear deal, which trump has condemned. Trump has rallied against the deal on Tuesday. He called the negotiate the following ” insane” or ” ridiculous” for failing to  contain Tehran. Macron also hopes the “U.S can reconsider the deal and join the Paris agreement”.

The overall message of this article is to get a better understanding of what steps Donald trump taking to make the U.S.A a better country.


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Macron hopes trump’s relationship can help make France great again