Youtube shooter told family she “hated the company”

Khalil chester

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A anonymous woman said “she was being suppressed by Youtube”, and told her family she hated the company, then proceed to open fire at the headquarters at California, injured three people before she taken her own life. Investigators don’t believe ,that Nasim Aghdam  specifically went after three employees, when she began too shoot several bullets around the courtyard in Youtube’s headquarters south of San Francisco on Tuesday.

One of the police officers did have some information about the incident and told the associated press that Aghdam had a disagreement with Youtube. The official, who spoke about the condition of the lack of understanding because they were not able to gain access to discussing the case, said Aghdam who used the name “Nasim Sabz” online. A website in the name that publicly announced that Youtube’s policies are trying to put a end to the content creators.

Aghdam hated Youtube and was frustrated that the company was stop paying her for the amount of video she has been posting on the site. Ismail[Aghdam father] called police to tell them that his, Daugther hasn’t answer the phone in two days and started to warn the cops she is possibly going to Youtube.


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Youtube shooter told family she “hated the company”