The Box.

Lola Ekwalla, short story writer

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The sound of the rain got heavier as the clouds grew gloomier. Today was a special day for Ethan, it was his 12th birthday. The orphanage always set up birthday parties for the orphans, but today was different. Ethan would always spend his time with his best friend; Mariah yet today wasn’t the day. Every year on his birthday Ethan would try and isolate himself from everybody and anything. Mariah called his name, looking for him and she ended up finding him in his special hideout. The sad little boy was under his bed. He saw Mariah’s feet approach the bed slowly as she crouched down and scared him. A little squeak blurted out from him, then small giggle from her. She placed her hand out gesturing him to get ahold of her and get out from under the bed. He gently slid from the under the bed and stood face to face with Mariah. She gave him a warm smile as he sighed softly. Mariah asked what the matter was and he explained to her that he doesn’t feel well because it was his birthday. And he also mentioned he wish he was dead. Mariah’s face changed as she softly hit him from such words he said. Mariah mentioned that she had a little for him and Ethan got excited because he adores surprises, especially when it’s from Mariah.
She gestured him to follow her to the living room. As he followed Ethan heard music and soft whispers coming from the living room. He wondered what Mariah had set him up to this time. As they carefully approached the living room, a group of kids and adults loudly yelled “SURPRISE!! HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!”He was startled from the loud cries from everyone. A small smile formed on his face and he thanked them very much.
As the day was going on, Lady Papillion called Ethan for a minute. He approached her as he wondered why she called him. She glanced at him up and down and complimented him on how much he grew up to be a fine gentlemen. He nodded and thanked her. She pulled out a small box from her bag and handed to him. She told him to open it when he is all alone. Lady Papillion included that it came from his parents who died when he was very young. Ethan’s mind was filled with curiosity of what this little box contained.
The night has arrived and Ethan was alone in his bedroom. The other orphans had already gotten to bed and the silent has become very loud. In his little hand he held the box and admired it for a good minute. He opened the box and poured everything that was in it on his bed. He carefully observed each item. He grabbed the hand full of pictures and started going through them, then he found a small letter that was from his dead parents. A small tear appeared from his eyes as it dripped down to the letter. Then another paper caught his attention, it almost looked as if it were a map. Ethan opened the paper and took a long regard to identify what was going on with this map. Ethan turned the map over for a way to read this map and a little notes was on it saying “dear Ethan, we are alive. You have to help us. Please come find us. Love your parents.” Ethan was baffled and tried to wrap his mind from what this little box had offered to him.

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The Box.