Basketball Championship reactions

Khalil chester

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The basketball season started during December. The Milford mill basketball team[the Millers] ended up making to the championships. Today i want to put in my own words the reactions of when the millers lost the basketball championships. Before i even start i want to mention that these reactions kind of effect the teachers alot. lets begin with one of the millers coach green. Coach green said ” it was a blessing that we made it to the championship”.  “Do you think the millers finished really strong” said Khalil. ” Why yes, we do need enough teamwork, strength, and working hard enough to make it to the championship. This other reaction comes from a anonymous person.” what is your reaction to the millers losing the championship. ” Well i was crying said anonymous. This reaction comes from one of the basketball players Kevin. ” What is something your team should improve on in order to win the next championship” said Khalil. “our team should work on hustling more” said Kevin. This reaction comes from the algebra teacher Ms. Forsythe ” Is there anything the millers should do in order to earn a comeback next season”. “They were not terrible, but they need to be more organized, the other team seem to be ahead in the game and had more plays then the other team” said ms. Forsythe.

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Basketball Championship reactions