most of the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are avoiding national guns debate

Khalil chester

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Lawmakers are starting to have a conversation for the past week, lawmakers in California, Connecticut, Texas and Florida, many others want to share their experiences with gun violence. There is  only one state that isn’t mention and that is Nevada home to one of the most deadly shootings in modern history. Despite alot of people calling for action during the Florida school shooting, a group of lawmakers, both are republican and democrats have started to ignored, the conversation about gun laws.

The group started to use different strategies rather than, start trouble with the national rifle association’s die-hard supporters or growing a movement of passion gun control citizens on the left. The office of Nevadas Republican Dean Heller didn’t want to talk about why he didn’t attend the white house meeting. Dean Heller has started to avoid the spotlight in the following days, he also declined to talk about the specifics on his position on gun legislation. However the white house has not respond to any of the requests for a comment on Dean Heller on whether he was invited to the event. The states democrat Catherine Masto,  and its three democratic representatives who hasn’t attend the event.

The problem is that to see in current surveys. out of all the grown ups in the united states many desire more strict gun laws, CBS has discovered during a survey that was carried out a few weeks ago after the shootout in Pakistan, and Florida among many of republicans. 54% just want gun laws to die down already or earn less strict. This why the most politically are more influence authority’s are not responding to the public’s opinions.


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most of the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are avoiding national guns debate