Lola Ekwalla, short story writer

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I arrive in my apartment complex, and I walk upstairs to door 5C. As I began to put my key into the lock, I hear a loud boom from the outside. When the door opens my dog runs to the door. He rubs up against me as I touch his white fluffy fur.

I try to ignore the screaming coming from my parent’s room, but it begins to get louder and louder to the point that I have to check in on them. When I open the door I see my mom yelling and crying. I look over and see my step dad holding up a lamp, as if he was going to hit her with it. My body becomes paralyzed, as I cannot believe what I am seeing. My mom tells me to go out and get something to eat and that everything is okay.

I go into the kitchen to get some bland pizza from last night, but I cannot seem to just ignore what I saw. Their screaming was getting even louder that it started to become deafening to my ears. I decided to go back to the room but before I could open the door my step dad did. He said that he needed to talk to me. He told me that times were rough and that they couldn’t pay the bills. He glanced over at me with his gigantic eyes and said “Let’s take a car ride”, he opens up the front door and says “shall we?”

As we drive in the car, 50 minutes away from our house I asked him where we were going but he didn’t respond. About five minutes later he stopped on the side of the road then handed me a piece of cardboard that said “Need Money, Anything will help”. He pointed and said pick a spot and then he drove away.

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