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Lola Ekwalla, writer

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The sun was beaming brightly on my face, I slowly squint my eyes to adjust my vision. The air was smooth and breathable, the green trees formed a beautiful scenery. CLICK! I heard Teddy’s camera go off, he loves to take pictures when nature provides its beauty. I glanced at him, he seemed very focus. I felt proud of him. Teddy glanced at me, with a perplexed looked on his face…


“CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!?” Teddy said to me. I slightly tilted my head in confusion.


Teddy repeated again, “CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!?” yet all I heard was the sound of a camera, words weren’t coming out of his mouth. I looked at him for a brief moment, his face started transforming into a camera. My eyes widen at his transformation, I looked around and everything started to change.

CAMERAS, CAMERAS, CAMERAS everywhere! I started to panic, I wasn’t sure what was happening. The air was getting thicker as it was hard for me to breathe. Teddy tried to approach me, I slowly backed away.

Was I going crazy? My breathing started to get heavier, I felt my arm being grabbed. My body tensed up as I started to fight back. I heard it again. It was teddy’s voice but all I heard was the sound of a camera.

“CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!” teddy shouted as he began to shake me, I felt a hand smack me harshly.

“OW!” I quickly jumped up at the tingly pain, I held my face… I can feel it sting. I looked at teddy who was hovering me. He looked concerned.

“Are you okay?!” Teddy said, I heard his gentle voice. It wasn’t the same as I heard before. I nodded as I picked myself.

“What happened? “ I looked at teddy, his face was the face of Teddy. “What…didn’t you…I—all I remember was that we were outside in the park? Taking pictures of beautiful sceneries.” my voice shook a little bit as I felt my throat getting dry. Teddy grabbed my hand and spoke softly.

“Mika, you passed out from the heat.” He slightly scoffed. “I guess you couldn’t handle the heat. Here drink this.” He handed me a glass of water and I wondered why he thought it was something to scoff at.

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Crazy World!