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Xela Wooten

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We all have those stages in life where you feel like giving up

When you feel like there’s nothing left

When life’s as difficult as climbing a high mountain or running 20 miles

But you decided to push through the storm, to push through the pain

You decide to get back up again and not fall down the steep mountain or give up the race

But when you get back up and nothing has changed, you feel like the weight is getting heavier

And you can’t hold it any longer because you’re just a little girl and want to be happy

Then you hear mom and dad yelling like something has gone terribly wrong

Later on they sit you down to tell you that they are getting a divorce

And I…you wonder if it was you, did you do something to cause this

When you become old enough to have your own relationship, you become scared

Scared to think that the same thing that happened to your parents, will happen to you

And you hate it that you judge others based on what you saw, but you don’t want to end up hurt

So you shut everyone else out thinking that no one can help, no one understands

And the day that I….you find the one for you, you would never know because you never gave him a chance

So what’s left for you besides suicide?

Guess that’s what I’ll just have to do

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Xela Wooten, Writer

Xela Wooten is an actress, model, and computer programmer at Milford Mill Academy. As an actress, Xela goes through extensive repetition and practice to...

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This Poem is for YOU