Inside Look On AVID

Nneka Iweanya

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The AVID class is an elective that prepares students, grades 9-12, for college and the hardships that occur while attending. The abbreviation AVID stands for Advanced Via Individual Determination. “I became a teacher because I have always wanted to make a difference in students’ education as well as their futures,” said Mrs. Lewis, Milford’s AVID instructor.

I have been in the AVID class all four years of my high school career, and I can proudly say that anyone who gets the chance should really consider taking the class. It is a very rigorous class, and the only down side I would have to complain about is the Cornell Notes that are due every 10 days. The class goes on many field trips to different colleges in order to allow the students to inspect each one to peak their particular interests. There are also quarterly projects each class must do around the school to advertise what AVID means to them and what school they would like to attend.

Mrs. Lewis is an extraordinary teacher that constantly goes out of her way at the benefit of her students and will do anything in her power to help them.

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Inside Look On AVID