Maryland gov. Larry Hogan withholds money to sue the Trump administration

Khalil chester

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Maryland Lawmakers promised Attorney general Brian Frosh $1 million and five new lawyers to file lawsuits against the trump administration next year, but Republican Gov. Larry Hogan left money out of his budget. Instead, the Hogan Administration suggest Frosh divert money from his office’s consumer protection division to finance in taking legal action against the federal government. Frosh, a democrat, said “That changing those funds puts in a tough position”. “I hate to choose between defending people against who are trying to desecrate them off in other contexts, however the choice that’s been put before us this year,” Frosh said. Since the general assembly last year granted Frosh decision to sue the federal government, Frosh has 18 lawsuits against the trump administration and led legal action on two others. The highest profile suit he’s leading, filed jointly with the district of Columbia, alleges president Donald J. Trumps income from his real estate empire and overseas investment violates the constitutions prohibition on the president having national conflicts of interest. The trump administration did called the suit just a political trick. Hogan last year denied to the legislatures resolution taking him out of Maryland’s process to beginning lawsuits, and refused to sign a companion legislation that guaranteed the money and lawyers to continue to investigate them. The bill promising those resources became law without hogans signatures, but the administration decided to used the budgets power to refused the additional 1 million and five state jobs from the attorney generals budget. “The administration takes its responsibility to find efficiency and savings in the state budget extremely seriously, and this is a perfect example of that”, Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer said.  Mayer also took note that the CPD (Consume Protection Division) of the attorney generals Attorney office has $5 million from settlements of consumer lawsuits. However most recently from the diesel emissions case against Volkswagen– that could be used for another purpose. Mayer said, the governor objects to expending more state resources on suing the trump administration because the division already has more money than it can spend in a year.

Opinion: With all honest here I don’t like how the government is going against each other they should come up with other ideas to solve this case. Also they should be using that money for something around the country.







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Maryland gov. Larry Hogan withholds money to sue the Trump administration