The Latest “Patient Dumping” Incident

Roberto Vivas, Staff Writer

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It was one of the coldest nights of winter on January 9, 2018, however, this did not stop four security guards of the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus from committing their immoral action. In nothing but a hospital gown and socks, Rebecca, age 22, was left out on the street outside the hospital, next to a bus stop.  Imamu Baraka, a licensed counselor, came upon the scene from his office across the street as the security officers were wheeling her out. Upon closer inspection, and the aid of a gust of wind, he saw that Rebecca wore nothing underneath her gown and immediately hurried back inside to retrieve his cellphone. Baraka pursued the men, who were returning to the hospital with only the wheelchair, and filmed with his phone their brief confrontation.

““That is not okay,” he [Baraka] shouted. “Due to the circumstances of what it was,” one of them said. “Then you all need to call the police,” Baraka replied. At the doorway, Baraka asked for a supervisor, demanding to know why hospital staffers were leaving her outside. “She was . . . medically discharged,” one of the guards said, before the camera captured them walking into the hospital, their backs turned.” [Quote from the Washington Post]

Rebecca was completely helpless and incapacitated throughout the whole ordeal; “(Cheryl) Chandler [Rebecca’s Mother] said her daughter, who is from Charles County, was diagnosed with Asperger’s and a mental illness that she did not specify six years ago.”[Quote from The Baltimore Sun] Rebecca’s family immediately began to search for her after seeing the video and found her in a homeless shelter, sent there by the hospital after Baraka called 911 to take her back inside. The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus said in a statement that it will investigate the reason behind this heinous act.


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The Latest “Patient Dumping” Incident