Should Donald trump have control over a nuclear arsenal?

khalil chester

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Amid is concern over Donald trump’s behavior. The senate had a discussion on whether trump should have control over the nuclear arsenal. The authority to launch a nuclear strike has remained with, the white house ever since president Truman launched his arsenal back around Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2. However the decision to launch a nuclear arsenal is up to the president, received to the top uniform military officer, known as chairman of the joint chief of staff, before it sent down the chain of command, according to military documents. The order from the president would unleash the World’s most powerful nuclear arsenal either through a fleet of strategic bombers or missile- launching submarines or land based intercontinental ballistic missiles. The big problem is particularly concerning to congress because of heightened with North Korea and the war of words between the nation’s leaders. An American preemptive nuclear attack on Pyongyang would almost result in the deaths of millions due to a nuclear strike and North Korean counterattack against regional allies’ japan and South Korea. The democrats have already filled out a bill that calls for the president to obtain a declaration of war from congress before him or she can launch the first nuclear strike. It doesn’t have bipartisan support, however, and it is unlikely to pass.

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Should Donald trump have control over a nuclear arsenal?