Mayor Catherine Pugh orders halt to tax sales

Khalil Chester

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Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh pledged Wednesday that some of the city home owners no longer have to fear losing most of their homes over just an unpaid water bill. Most citing concerns about water affordability and irregular charges, Pugh told reporters gathered at city hall that she has ordered city agencies to halt tax sales of debt from water bills at owner –occupied homes.

This year, about 1,000 homeowners faced tax sale at the may auction for unpaid water bills. “Water bill alone? Your house cannot be taken,” Catherine said on Wednesday. “That is a mandate from this office, we’re not having it.” A spokesperson for the mayor said the moratorium would apply to the next round of tax sales of 2018.

For months, a coalition of community advocates, church leaders and watchdog groups have called on Baltimore officials to halt tax sales for water debt, citing erroneous bills and high costs. Del. Mary Washington, a Baltimore democrat, has pushed state legislation seeking a moratorium on such sales. She said, “She would intended to continue a similar bill again next general assembly session”. “This is the first step. It’s a humane step. It’s an important step, “Washington said after Pugh’s comments.


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Mayor Catherine Pugh orders halt to tax sales