Najeria Wright, Staff Writer

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Imagine thinking you overcame a time in history just to find out that it is back, and has gotten strong enough to be public to everyone around the world. Our ancestors fought and lost their lives to free African Americans of slavery and segregation throughout the years, did they die for nothing?

It has been recently brought to everyone’s attention that Libya is selling black refugees in public, modern-day slave auctions. The refugees are being sold for as little as $400. Is this what it has come to? Are we starting from the beginning again? Leonard Doyle from the International Organization of Migration stated that “Modern-day slavery is widespread around the world and Libya is by no means unique … But what’s particularly shocking is that this is happening effectively in the open, where people can go to a farmhouse, place a bid, and end up ‘owning’ a human being”.  Are people still really that heartless?

Many Nigerian refugees have fled to Libya from their homelands where they are in poverty, overpopulation and pure terror. The refugees have been fed lies by smugglers that hack different social media sites, they have been told that Libya and Europe has something to offer them. Being so infatuated with living their dreams, the refugees travel to Libya to be robbed and tortured, from there they are sold to public slave auctions or sex trades. The young men and women are being beaten and forced to work against their will.

When will the 14th amendment take effect everywhere? Slavery was supposedly ended on December 6, 1865. You would think the Black Lives Matter movement may have changed some perspectives. African American men are being murdered by police officers. Young black women are being raped and taken as sex slaves. There has never been true freedom. There will be justice, there will be peace. We won’t stop until this ends.

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Najeria Wright, Writer

Najeria Wright is a sophomore at Milford Mill Academy. She was a former member of the Milford Mill Concert Chorale, and is a current member of the newspaper....

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