Newseum in Washington

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Washington D.C has opened a new museum on Pennsylvania Avenue called The Newseum. The Newseum is an interactive museum that promotes free expression and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, while tracing the evolution of communication. It has a plethora of exhibits that represent different forms of communication and how society uses them to interact and inform each other.

There are also multiple exercises one can participate in to get a feel on what it’s like to become a journalist or reporter. There is a virtual reality simulator that allows you and your friends to pretend to be news anchors and report fake news. This will give students some small experience in reporting and being able to cope in front of a camera.

The Newseum also provides several, highly informative videos on the different histories and tragedies through time, and how journalists and reporters did their part to expose them to the public. Located on different floors are memorials to people and places throughout time. The memorials include The Twin Towers, The Berlin Wall, J.F.K., and the names and pictures of journalist that have died throughout the years.

The Newseum was built especially to highlight and inform people about mass communication and how it represents history by informing, entertaining, and persuading audiences with credible journalism and reporting. This museum will inspire promising journalists in this upcoming generation.

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Newseum in Washington