LGBT Straight in the Light

Sade Parker, Staff Writer

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At first, my opinion on the LGBT+ CLUB was unknown to what this club was about, but I received information from friends about the topic. Now, my opinion on it is that I appreciate those who are not afraid to show who they really are and love to express themselves. I love those individuals who add something more to life.

I believe that no one is normal and normal is no longer unique. I believe that just because they are different doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently. For example, I had a very close friend that was gay and he was one of my first friends at my new school, but he was older than me and that didn’t matter to him. He made laugh and always made me happy when I was going through some things. He was one of my best friends because of how trusting, lovable, funny and excepting he was towards me and others. He was different, but he was so much more than a friend because he was able to teach me about the different world we live in and he made it possible for me, someone who is out of his world, to experience the differences in our society.

All in all, from having a relationship with a LGBT Community member, it helped me to learn about other ways of life in our society and that helped me see the world in a different light.

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LGBT Straight in the Light