Social Prisioners

Shaelyn Williams, Staff writer

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In today’s society, we find ourselves clinging to our phones rather than exploring what the world has to offer. Social media has altered the reality we live in and the social construct of our daily lives. We spend the majority of our time skipping through snaps and scrolling through Instagram or twitter.

Social media tells us that if we aren’t wearing the latest pair of Jordan’s, or riding the latest “wave” we’re automatically less than those around us. To some this may cause stress as they feed into the opinions of others; I honestly feel like everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of what others think. Because social media has become such big part of today’s society, it’s hard for people to feel comfortable with themselves.  It’s hard to escape from so much judgement and hate on social media. Of course you can log off and “poof” all your problems may go away within due time, but your minds are addicted to scrolling and scrolling, and keeping up with the daily lives of others, so you instantly log back in.

Some may see the words “depressed” or “bipolar” and give themselves a self-diagnoses. They look to these conditions as something that is “cute” to have, when in reality they don’t know the depths of these conditions. This may be offensive to those who deal with these conditions on a day to day basis.

Social media has changed the way people think. Social media is filled with different opinions on the same topic.  If one opinion gets more hype than another, you may change your opinion just to follow the “hype,” even though you truly believe otherwise. It’s sad that people are losing their own right to making decisions for themselves, they would rather let social media influence them.

Social media can be addictive if you let it. It can influence your decision making and even lower your self-esteem. Don’t be a social prisoner, stand up for what you believe in and try to have a mind of your own. Ride your own “wave” and stop feeding into the opinions and choices of others.  Just love yourself – I promise this will be the best feeling in the world.

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Shaelyn Williams, Writer

Shaelyn Williams is a junior attending Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born on July 5th, 2001, and hopes to become a plastic surgeon...

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Social Prisioners