Mama Rosie helps kids with AIDS

khalil Chester, Staff Contributor

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Mashale moved into khaleyelitsha Cape Town South Africa’s largest township, but she was shocked to see children on the nearby dump near her home scavenging for food. After a few years running her free daycare program, she was thinking of retiring. It all changed when she saw a child on her doorstep. The child was wounded with a bunch of sores all over his body. When she decided to take the baby to the police, the police told her that she should take care of the baby. Word quickly spread. Soon afterward,s she had at least 67 children in her home.

Since then, she has written a book called life with Mama Rosie. She prays to God that he look after the children for Mama Rosie. She and her group, baphumelele which means “we have progressed,” have provided various level of care for more than 5,000 children in desperate need.

What I learned from this story is that we can always help children in a number of ways, no matter who we are.  What we should do as a community and as a nation is to take care of people who can one day help our nation in return.

Sandra L. Fluker (Author). “Life with Mama Rosie: A Memoir Paperback – April 26, 2017.” Life with Mama Rosie: A Memoir: Sandra L. Fluker: 9781532021770: Books,

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Mama Rosie helps kids with AIDS